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Sweet green olives 500g


Tasty and versatile, olives are often on our tables. There are those who like to eat them as an aperitif, those who prefer to use them to prepare first or second courses or to make sandwiches and more tasty focaccia. The giant green and sweet olives are processed with the typical Italian method, which gives them a delicately fruity aroma.


Dried tomatoes 580ml

In Oil

Dried tomatoes in oil are an excellent aperitif for the preparation of typical Apulian recipes and to add that touch of Mediterranean even to the simplest dishes. For the dried tomatoes in oil the best tomatoes of local cultivations are selected and then cut in half, after which they are dried in the sun. During the drying period the tomatoes are constantly checked and salted, to always ensure perfect integrity. Once dehydrated, they are stored in oil to maintain all their taste and properties.


The Apulian bomb 314ml

Regional Specialties

The Apulian bomb, ideal for enhancing appetizers, appetizers and side dishes with the gastronomic richness of our land of Puglia.


Puma Preserved Artichokes 140g

In Oil

Artichokes of the Brindisi variety or violet from the north of Bari. Excellent for appetizers, side dishes for main courses, fillings for pizzas and sandwiches.


Aubergines in olive oil 145g

In Oil

Peeled and cut by hand the aubergines are then stored in extra virgin olive oil to maintain consistency and taste. Aubergines can be served as appetizers or side dishes, but can also be used for make more delicious salads or sandwiches.

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