About Us

Who is eCIBUS?

eCibus was born with the aim of discovering and enhancing the authentic flavors of the best Italian productions, whose authenticity is represented by the craftsmanship processes of the products linked to the history of the territory they represent and bring with them. The best food and wine companies, whether small or large, will have the opportunity to demonstrate how the high quality Italian food and wine can be within everyone's reach, easily available and economically sustainable. The authenticity of Italian food and wine productions is expressed through the high quality of local raw materials and respect for the environment in all stages of processing which, in synergy with experience and innovation, give rise to unique and inimitable products. The eCibus project was born in 2017 with the idea of ​​exporting all the products we know and love at a more advantageous price, almost or sometimes even cheaper than in Italy and above all to a wider audience. We offer more than 5000 products at the moment, giving voice and priority to all those small local producers. To have access to all of Europe, we have set up our warehouse in Belgium, where we receive and ship orders throughout Europe on a weekly basis; Starting in 2021, we have added the ability to purchase Perishable Products in Belgium and Luxembourg. eCibus means "Eating Italian while respecting the environment." eCibus wants to make known the faces, production methods and history of the people and companies that make 'high foods' the best of Italian food and wine. The name of eCibus comes from the fusion of “e” (ecology) with “CIBUS” (food).